Animal programs

New management for Epping Animal Welfare Facility

The Epping Animal Welfare Facility (EAWF) will now be managed internally by Whittlesea Council, in partnership with Merri-bek and Darebin Councils.

The facility was operated by RSPCA Victoria for nearly five years, but Whittlesea Council chief executive Craig Lloyd said the decision was made to run the EAWF internally “to get the best possible outcomes for animals”.

“The three councils have worked together to develop an operating model designed to reduce current euthanasia rates, reunite as many animals as possible with their owners, or find new homes for them,” he said.

Mr Lloyd said the change in leadership will provide a high standard of animal care and allow the council to develop new partnerships in the animal welfare sector.

“The model was designed to provide better outcomes, including reduced euthanasia rates,” Lloyd said.

“Our aim is to reunite owners of lost pets as quickly as possible, so make sure your pet is registered and your contact details are up to date – you can do this on your council’s website.”

Adoption will be undertaken directly from the facility at the start and the council has partnered with a range of rescue groups and major animal welfare groups who will also provide adoption opportunities.

The board will continue to monitor the new operating model and will also consider establishing an adoption program in partnership with the Darebin and Merri-bek boards.

“As the council embraces the new operating model, we will continue to review our approach to ensure it delivers the best results for animals and the community,” Lloyd said.

The facility will be managed and resourced by animal care and welfare experts. Veterinary work will be undertaken at EAWF. This will include, but not be limited to, vaccination, flea and worm treatment and microchipping.

“We are very confident that the arrangements we are putting in place will produce better results for the animals in our care, and we look forward to working with enthusiasts in the rescue industry,” said Mr Lloyd.

EAWF’s new telephone number is 8401 6200.