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Newly formed animal rescue group rescues 2 litters of puppies

FORT GAINES, Ga. (WALB) — The lack of organized help to control stray dog ​​populations has led volunteers at Fort Gaines to take action.

Volunteers say they spent weeks at a peanut facility to find several dogs.

“We have full time jobs and we need help capturing these puppies. In some of these little areas where they get in, we can’t get there. We need help from someone who isn’t afraid to get into those tight spots. It’s my passion to save lives. One at a time if that’s what it takes,” Arlinda Bradshaw said.

Bradshaw says the group would take time after work or on days off to go find where the dogs were hiding. After weeks, they found and then captured all the animals from the old peanut factory.

Part of where the 2 litters of dogs found refuge in Fort Gaines(WALB)

“I do it because I love animals. Someone has to do it,” Bradshaw said.

Bradshaw says even after rescuing the dogs, there is still a much bigger problem that needs to be addressed in the area. She knows that other colonies of dogs exist in the city. On my way to Fort Gaines, I saw a pup wandering on Highway 266, a one lane highway. Luckily the police were on it and rescued the dog shortly after I saw him.

The small group of volunteers are part of a new animal rescue group that was formed earlier this year to combat animal population control in Clay and Randolph counties.

Rhiannon Scott was one of the founders of the group. She says a big step towards their success would be for the city to approve their move.

“They are ready to work with us. It’s about us trying to get a real sanctuary so we have a place to put these dogs before they’re moved out to be adopted or transported.

Scott says she considers the group a success because it helps limit the spread of disease within the community, but there is still a lot of work to be done.

Currently, they have 30-40 total volunteers, plus another major contributor to the Albany Humane Society.

Photo taken by Arlinda Bradshaw
Photo taken by Arlinda Bradshaw(WALB)

“We wanted to start this for years. What really got me started this year was continuing to find litters of puppies at Shellman. I was picking up these puppies and I didn’t know what to do with them, I couldn’t bring them home,” Scott says.

As of now, it’s a community effort to find a place for stray or abused dogs. If they cannot find a home for the dog, they are sent to the pound on the outskirts of town. An employee of Cuthbert Public Works told me that he was helping with the pound. He also told me that it takes less than a week to find a home for a found dog.

They also serve Clay County and other nearby counties.

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