Animal rescues

NJ Animal Rescues are at capacity and are looking for volunteers

Animal rescues are in desperate need because, they say, they are seeing more and more pets arriving and they don’t have enough staff or foster families to keep up.

Across New Jersey, adoption centers are at capacity, including the Homeward Bound Adoption Center in Blackwood. Every cat, kitten, dog and puppy needs a home.

“He knows how to sit, he clearly knows how to stay. He knows how to lay down. Do you want to lay down? Good boy!” Handsome Yeadon was left homeless forever for almost a year. He is one of hundreds of dogs with as many cats in Homeward Bound, looking for a home.

The facility desperately needs not only permanent adoptions, but also much-needed foster homes to free up space in their shelter.


“We really need foster families. We have lots of foster families, but even the current number we have is unfortunately not enough,” said program manager Shawna Donahue. Donahue says the number of animals entering their facility overwhelms the staff.

“Currently? We have over 300 cats in the building. For dogs, we have about 125,” Donahue remarked.

“And that equals the number of empty beds available?” asked FOX 29’s Marcus Espinoza.

“Right now, we arrived this morning, we had no kennels open. Every kennel is full,” Donahue replied.

Adopting a pet can do more than comfort, says Shawna. It can save a life. “So when I brought him home he was just skin and bones, his eyes were closed. Now they’re big and open and he’s putting on weight and that’s the magic of foster care .”

She adds that foster care doesn’t always mean a long-term commitment. Any amount of care can help immensely. “If you’re home and boring, like me, we encourage you to come here and bring home an animal.”

Anyone interested in adopting an animal or becoming a foster parent can find information on how to do so. on the Homeward Bound website.