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Omega Therapeutics touts encouraging preclinical data on animal models of liver cancer

  • Omega Therapeutic Inc OMG presented new preclinical data on its lead product candidate, OTX-2002, in several models of hepatocellular carcinoma.
  • In non-human primates, treatment with OTX-2002 resulted in sustained reduction of MYC mRNA levels in the liver, consistent with previous in vitro and in vivo studies.
  • OTX-2002 treatment decreased c-Myc mRNA, protein levels, and cell viability in several HCC cell lines while sparing normal cells.
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  • OTX-2002 significantly reduced tumor growth in HCC xenograft models.
  • OTX-2002 treatment is associated with decreased expression of immune checkpoint factor PD-L1 in HCC cells, suggesting a potential role for combination therapy with immune checkpoint inhibitors.
  • The combination of OTX-2002 with existing standard of care therapies for HCC resulted in further reduction of cell viability and tumor burden in in vitro and in vivo HCC models.
  • Price Action: OMGA shares are down 1.41% at $4.20 in Thursday’s last check trading session.