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The Pawtocol Pet Fund will provide 100% of collected cryptocurrency directly to rescues and shelters in need

AVENTURA, Florida., April 14, 2022 /PRNewswire/ – pawtocolcreator of blockchain-based solutions that improve the lives of pets and pet owners, today announced the creation of the Pawtocol Pet Fund, the world’s first blockchain-powered fund exclusively dedicated to helping animal rescues and shelters. Unlike other cryptocurrency funds or donation platforms that donate only a portion of their revenue, 100% of the cryptocurrency raised in the Pawtocol Pet Fund will be donated directly to animal shelters and shelters in need. .

“Our team is extremely excited about the launch of the Pawtocol Pet Fund, as it is the first of many blockchain-based solutions we are developing to realize our vision of creating a better life for pets and pets. pet owners around the world,” said Colin Jordan, CEO of Pawtocol. “By leveraging blockchain technology, we’re able to create full transparency around the funds we raise – who the funds go to, when the funds go, and how much. Now when people support Pawtocol, they can be sure to know where their hard-earned money is going and see the positive impact it has on rescues and shelters everywhere.”

Pawtocol has not only pledged to donate a portion of all proceeds in the future, but they are kickstarting the fund with a $5,000 donation that will be distributed among the first rescue and shelter partners. To date, Pawtocol has already entered into partnerships with two Arizona-animal rescue- Rescue almost there and Dawgs, Tailz and Wagz.

“As a non-profit lifesaving organization, we rely on donations to continue our lifesaving work. As an unprecedented wealth transfer of over $30 trillion from baby boomers to millennials occurs, the importance of accepting Crypto gifts becomes more evident,” said Heidi Leyva, director of development at Almost There Rescue. “Thanks to Pawtocol, we will soon be able to accept such donations, as well as benefit from Pawtocol’s community and philanthropic donations.”

“Dawgz, Tailz & Wagz is thrilled to partner with Pawtocol because of the new opportunities they will create for us and the support they will give us in achieving our goal of saving more pets,” said Wendy Kirsner, President of Dawgz, Tailz & Wagz. “We are excited to begin accepting donations in the form of cryptocurrency and to be one of the pioneers of our industry, which will hopefully open us up to a whole new generation of generous benefactors who will join us in our fight to reduce the population of homeless animals.”

Pawtocol continues to grow its network of rescue and accommodation partners, seeking 501(c)3 registered organizations who want to be part of their community.

“While Pawtocol takes great pride in giving resources to the pet community, it is even more important to us to educate shelters and animal shelters about the benefits of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology” , said Marlina Cotter, animal rescue coordinator at Pawtocol. “Through this education, we will help rescues and shelters open up a whole new world of possibilities for them to build stronger bonds with their community, facilitate growth and ultimately expand the impact they can have.”

To learn more about the Pawtocol Pet Fund, visit their website.

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Pawtocol is an ecosystem of blockchain-based solutions that positively impact the lives of pets and pet owners everywhere. The use of blockchain technology provides opportunities for continuity, transparency, and data ownership that have never been seen before in the pet industry. Our goal is to provide a new level of value to every member of our community, including rescues and shelters who desperately need our support in their efforts to reduce the population of homeless animals and end animal shelters. killing in America.

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