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Pet License Becomes The Hardest Thing For Animal Lovers To Obtain | Pune News

PUNE: The decision by the Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) to introduce an online service for pet licenses has sparked controversy among animal welfare groups due to additional rules such as the need for a “ No Objection Certificate” (NOC) from housing companies and mandatory muzzling of pets in public places.
Sarika Punde, PMC Veterinary Superintendent, said: “We are still at the preliminary decision stage and nothing is final yet. The housing corporation NOC will likely be optional. The rule for putting a muzzle on the animal in public spaces is already printed in the booklet issued by PMC with the licenses for pets since 2015. We must take into account those who are afraid of dogs.
A pet owner with a pet license issued after 2015 clarified that the booklet mentions that a muzzle should only be put on the animal if it is aggressive and poses a danger to other people or animals.
Currently, a pet license application requires a visit to their local neighborhood office with documents, such as proof of residency, three passport-sized photographs of the pet, a photocopy of the vaccination card, and fee of 75 rupees (50 rupees for renewals).
Animal activists said these proposals were half-baked and illogical.
Vineeta Tandon, Animal Welfare Activist and Trustee of Animal Rescue Trust Pune, said: “According to the Animal Welfare Board of India (AWBI) circular in February 2014, housing companies cannot introduce any some sort of ban on residents keeping pet dogs, insisting only small breeds are acceptable, or citing barking as a valid reason for asking for such a ban.
He also pointed out that trying to ban pets or limit their numbers is illegal because it interferes with the fundamental freedom to choose the life they wish to live, which includes facets such as living with or without pets. company. It also allows pets to use elevators at no extra charge and states that while pet families can be asked to keep their pets on a leash, management committees cannot insist on it. use of muzzles.
Animal activist Anita Shetty said: “A petition has been signed by various animal activists in the city as People For Animals (PFA) has taken up the issue with AWBI and PMC. There have been a number of complaints from pet owners and volunteers against the idea of ​​the new regulations, giving us time to oppose them before they are implemented. This is not the first time that such rules have been discussed, and we all need to get involved to fix the problem.