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Petition: Demand Virginia Ban Sadistic Animal Killing Mass-killing “Games”

While blood sports like dogfighting and cockfighting have been banned across the country, many wildlife species including bobcats, coyotes, crows, foxes, groundhogs, cougars, prairie dogs, rabbits and raccoons are always in danger. Barbaric “murder contests” still take place every year, and they are nothing but heartbreaking and disturbing. These are basically competitions to see which hunter is the most effective at spilling blood and killing as many animals as possible. In Virginia, a particular event called the Eastern US Predator Calling Championship takes this gruesome concept and makes it even more gruesome.

According to several secret surveys conducted by the Humane Society of the United States, this championship competition awards prizes to teams for killing the smallest, heaviest, or greatest number of animals in a given species category. These prizes include trophies, belt buckles, and even $25,600 for “winners.” Many times these innocent wild animals have been shot down with AR-15s. When the killing is over, trucks full of dead and decomposing animals are lined up to showcase their kills.

Source: Wolf Patrol/Youtube

Wildlife killing contests are not a wildlife management tool and are even counterproductive for such purposes, The Humane Society said. It is a misconception that predator killing contests benefit the public and other wildlife. They can contribute to instability and social chaos in the family structures of animals that are killed, Project Coyote said. Sign the petition to demand that Virginia state legislators reintroduce and pass Bill 1247 to ban these sadistic mass killing “games”.

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