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Pontefract animal lover appeals for help after rescuing injured pup from streets of Corfu

Beauford Ferguson, from Pontefract, took pity on the young dog after spotting him trying to take shelter during a rainstorm on the Greek island.

The dog was severely malnourished and had been hit by a car, as well as cut from sleeping rough.

Mr Ferguson and his family immediately made it their mission to help the creature, took her to a vet and arranged to welcome the dog, which they named Paleo, to their hotel.

Beau Ferguson (pictured with his daughter Elsie and another dog Bella) rescued a dog called Paleo from Corfu Photo Scott Merrylee

“As a dog lover and owner, I couldn’t go and leave Paleo on the street – the vet said he would be dead within a week if we hadn’t acted,” Mr Ferguson said.

“I spent the rest of his vacation getting him the treatment he desperately needed and contacted rescue centers all week to see how he could help. They all refused for lack of funding.

In the first few days after the family’s rescue, X-rays were taken of Paleo’s injuries, which vets said were so severe that one of the dog’s legs might have to be amputated – something the family didn’t want let it happen.

“I wanted to get him treatment in the UK, but Paleo was so malnourished he couldn’t travel. I was desperately trying to get him help until he was fit to come to the UK. United to get the help he needed,” Mr Ferguson said.

Paleo, who started his recovery here in the UK

He eventually found a woman willing to care for Paleo and was advised to wait a few weeks for the dog’s wounds to heal somewhat before the animal could be airlifted to Yorkshire.

Paleo was handed over to her as the new owner and the paperwork was obtained from the vets. The dog was finally allowed to leave Corfu last week.

“I booked a return flight and picked up Paleo on October 21,” Mr. Ferguson said.

“He handled the flight very well and settled in brilliantly – he loves the rain and acts like a happy pup, a far cry from the sad soul I met in Corfu a month ago.”

Paleo was severely malnourished and injured when Beauford and his family found him in Corfu, and have since been working to help him recover.

Although Paleo is adjusting to life in Pontefract, the arrangement cannot be permanent because the family already has a dog, Bella.

Mr Ferguson said they would keep Paleo, a large breed dog, while he continued to receive care.

“Then the search for his forever home will begin – ideally somewhere with a good sized garden and with someone who can devote time to his needs once he recovers,” he added.

Mr Ferguson spent around £5,500 to bring Paleo to the UK and for his treatment, but he needs more to ensure the dog receives the best possible care.

Beau Ferguson (pictured with his daughter Elsie and another dog Bella) rescued a dog called Paleo from Corfu Photo Scott Merrylee

A Go Fund Me page was created and he appealed for public support.

“Every pound helps and contributes to the treatment of Paleo. We have so far raised £790 of our £5,000 goal,” he said.

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