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Prevent stunting by increasing animal protein intake: ministry

The government is currently continuing to intensify its efforts to reduce the prevalence of stunting

Jakarta (ANTARA) – The Coordinating Ministry of Human Development and Culture has urged the public to prevent stunting by increasing the consumption of foods rich in animal protein, such as fish, eggs and meat.

The protein content of fish can promote the formation of body tissues and improve immunity, which helps meet nutritional demand and prevent stunting, ministry official Agus Suprapto confirmed on Wednesday.

Growing children should eat nutritionally balanced foods that include animal protein to prevent stunting, he stressed.

In addition, it is important that the balanced nutritional needs of pregnant women are met to prevent the problem of stunting in the children they deliver, he stressed.

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“The government is currently continuing to expand its efforts to reduce the prevalence of stunting,” Suprapto said.

Currently, the prevalence of stunting stands at 24.4%, and in 2024 it is expected to drop to 14%, he said.

The government has made several efforts in accordance with the national stunting reduction strategy which consists of improving the commitment of all relevant ministries or institutions and strengthening the dissemination of information to the population.

The government has also improved food and nutrition security at individual, family and community levels, as well as developed system, data, information, research and innovation.

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In addition, the government has carried out various interventions targeting infants, adolescent girls and brides, including encouraging the fulfillment of nutritional needs.

Regional governments play a strategic role in efforts to reduce cases of stunting in their respective regions by improving surveillance and also allocating budget from the special allocation fund, Suprapto pointed out.

“The role of regional health officials in improving dissemination on how to prevent stunting is also very much needed,” he stressed.

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