Animal rescues

QC Cafe helps animals save one drink at a time

A Cafe in the Quad Cities returns to help local nonprofits in the area.

Every month, Java Java Cafe in Davenport would pick a nonprofit and help out, but they decided to stop doing it because of the pandemic.

Starting this month, they’re back helping local nonprofits.

The owners of Java Java Cafe are big animal lovers and wanted to do something for non-profit organizations.

“Each month we have a drink of the month, and we donate all proceeds from that drink to the local animal shelter that we choose, and try to introduce one of their animals that is up for adoption,” co said. -owner, Shelly Ellis.

Throughout January, proceeds from their Christmas Aftermath drink will go to charity Wild hearts can’t be broken.

“The one we’re giving right now this month…we didn’t even know it existed until our barista…she knew about this one,” Ellis said.

Christmas Aftermath drink tastes like a holiday.

“A little gingerbread flavored with white chocolate and vanilla,” Ellis said.

This fundraiser comes at just the right time for the association.

“Honestly, for the past two years since COVID started, it’s been very difficult to get donations and do additional fundraising just because everyone’s been so isolated, so that hurt us a little bit. “said the owner of Wild Hearts Can’t Be Broken Rescue. , Elizabeth Lane.

The association has helped nearly a hundred dogs.

“We stayed relatively smaller, but mostly focused on a lot of dogs with health issues,” Lane said.

Java Java Cafe is also accepting donations since one of the rescued dogs just had eight puppies.

“We’ve added a donation campaign to the drink of the month, so you’ll also get a discount if you bring a donation,” Ellis said. “We’ll give you a big drink for the price of a small one.”

Next month, Java Java Cafe will choose a new non-profit organization to help.