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Real Spanish milk is ready to make cheese without animals – vegconomist

Barcelona-based CEO and Founder of Real Deal Milk, Zoltan Toth-Czifra, announced during a virtual conference hosted by Mylkcubator that the team is ready to step up its animal-free cheesemaking process.

Mylkcubator, a cellular agriculture program in the dairy industry, held a demo day in April, marking the incubator’s first cohort event. Using precision fermentation, Real Deal Milk claimed it could successfully produce casein and whey protein to make cow-free dairy products.

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Microorganisms can make milk proteins

Animal proteins are made using microorganisms that can create ingredients, in this case proteins, by following the instructions of DNA. The microbes are then grown in fermenters and fed water, minerals and plant-based nutrients, eliminating farm animals from the process.

Toth-Czifra explained that Real Deal’s animal-free dairy products would be classified as vegan because even the cow’s DNA inserted into the microorganisms comes from a database. He added that people’s unwillingness to give up cheese motivated him to continue his work.

Precision fermentation is considered the most efficient protein production method with the power to make foods people love and also replace animal agriculture. Other startups are also leveraging fermentation in Europe: Formo in Germany, Nutropy in France and Better Dairy in the UK are focusing on making animal-free cheese for the alternative protein market.

Real Deal Milk Lab
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Real Deal Milk plans for the future

The food tech’s plans for the next 18 months include improving yields and efficiency, developing a purification strategy suitable for its production, and scaling up. Building a B2C brand to educate people is also part of Real Deal’s goals.

Asked about the first products, the CEO replied that the company would start by making unripened cheeses like mozzarella, Oaxaca or feta, because they are easier and faster to make. Vegan yogurt will be among the first CPG offers.