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Redmond Animal Rescue building is demolished leaving them with no place to go

The rescue hopes a hero disguised as the owner can help them before the end of the year.

RENTON, Wash. — Due to structural issues, the city of Redmond is being forced to demolish the building housing the Motley Zoo Animal Rescue, leaving the foster rescue with nowhere else to go.

Executive director Jme Thomas said air conditioning repairs over the summer revealed problems with the building, leading the city to decide the structure was unsafe. It is to be demolished in January.

“That’s it, the bulldozers are coming so we’re hoping for the best but preparing for the worst,” Thomas said.

Since 2009, Motley Zoo Animal Rescue has offered a unique brand of animal services. The rescue and its foster homes work with animals that might otherwise be euthanized at a shelter to resolve their issues and eventually match the animals with a compatible adopter so they can live “happily ever after,” according to the rescue’s website. the organization.

The rescue also offers “Rock Star Treatment Services” like dog daycare and training to generate income to support the mission. Public donations also help fund the rescue.

The Redmond facility also serves as storage for the salvage, so staff are currently working on disposing of supplies.

“We literally have nowhere to go and nowhere to store things, so this is disastrous, and we know a solution exists,” Thomas said.

Thomas said the city was saddened by the decision, saying even the mayor of Redmond brought his dog to the rescue for the services they were providing.

“We know the city is also upset, and unfortunately they don’t have any obvious relocation options for us, so we’re looking and hoping,” Thomas said.

Rising rents and dog rules have made finding a new location even more complicated.

The non-profit organization relies on dedicated volunteers to help make the unique rescue model work. Pam has been volunteering for years and says she is proud to know that they are saving lives.

“More than 4,000 at least and that’s huge! So now we are left with a program but not a place to be.

The Motley Zoo Animal Rescue team are frantically liquidating their inventory of pet supplies, goods and equipment while preparing for an uncertain move. They hope that a hero disguised as an owner will intervene before the end of the year.

To purchase products, donate or volunteer, visit the rescue website.