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Refuge Ranch launches a “Sponsor an Animal Program”

Meet Alvin, Simon and Theodore. Not the three chipmunks whose nasal voices chirp the words “Santa Claus, don’t be late”, but three rescued goats living in Ranch refuge.

If they could, these three would bleat the same song to potential “Santa Claus” donors for “please don’t be late” to join the new one. Sponsor an animal program before the Christmas holidays.

Refuge Ranch is a more than seven acre safe haven in the Morongo Valley for unwanted and abused local farm and ranch animals, founded in 2012 as a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit by Suzanne and Russ miller.

“Not only is the ranch a haven for abused or neglected farm animals, it also provides a safe and fun place for children and adults at risk to visit and learn about animals, how to care for them and where to look after them. can develop empathy and compassion. “Suzanne said.” It is a place of healing for animals and humans. “

Alvin, Simon and Theodore are a mixture of goat breeds. As kids, they arrived at the ranch extremely ill after being bought by someone at an auction. After extensive veterinary intervention and a lot of TLC, they are very healthy members of the herd. Although gentle, they can be a bit mean.

The Sponsor an Animal program is designed to help support not only Alvin, Simon and Theodore, but also more than 40 other horses, donkeys, pigs, goats and llamas rescued at Refuge Ranch.

“Refuge Ranch relies on the support of its partners, sponsors and donors to provide care for the animals on the ranch,” said Susan. “In addition to the ongoing care for each animal – the cost of hay, feed, dental and hoof care, vaccines and deworming – rescued animals often need diagnostics, treatment, surgeries and medical care. costly emergency. “

While the cost of care varies with each animal, it takes on average between $ 250 and $ 450 per month to care for a horse, while looking after a goat or pig costs around $ 100. .

The Refuge Ranch Animal Sponsorship Program is a monthly or annual donation in honor of a specific animal (“your” animal). Donors are welcome to sponsor any animal at any level or amount they choose. Any excess will fund the cost of keeping other unsponsored animals.

Each of the animals is named and their individual stories are detailed on Refuge Ranch’s website,, where animal sponsorship donations can be made. Visit the website to ‘meet’ the animals and choose your own. Or call (760) 578-1187 for more details or to schedule an appointment to visit Refuge Ranch and meet the animals in person.

Pamela Bieri is a freelance writer covering events, people, food, restaurants and lifestyle. She founded Bieri Marketing & Media Relations in 1994 and is certified in Nonprofit Management and Grant Writing. She enjoys working with many local non-profit organizations. Contact her at [email protected]