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Remember animal rescues over the years in Norfolk

8:40 am October 10, 2021

Norfolk is one of the country’s most important locations for wildlife, with its diverse habitat bringing many species to the area.

Having such a variety of wildlife also means that over the years there have been many occasions when people have had to step in and rescue an injured or distressed animal.

These fascinating images from the archives recall times when animals were rescued in the county.

Shirley Walbancke of the Horse Rescue Fund with a rescued horse
– Credit: Archant

Shirley Walbancke was an important part of the Horse Rescue Fund, which has rescued, rehabilitated and accommodated horses in distress in Norfolk and Suffolk for over 30 years.

Beccles Norfolk Horse Rescue Fund

A 1987 photo of Shirley Walbancke taken at the Horse Rescue Fund.
– Credit: Archant

They continue their work to this day at their HQ in Beccles at Woodstock Farm.

Many of their horses lead happy lives by participating in competitions, and spectators are unaware of the difficulties encountered by horses earlier in their lives.

Phoenix receives treatment at Redwings Horse Hospital in Aylsham.

Phoenix receives treatment at Redwings Horse Hospital in Aylsham.
– Credit: Redwings

Norfolk is home to another successful horse welfare charity, Redwings Horse Sanctuary, in Hapton near Norwich.

Recently, Redwings gained national attention after the terrible story of Phoenix, who suffered terrible burns in an attack. Fortunately, Phoenix is ​​on the verge of recovery and appears to be doing well.

The RSPCA works tirelessly to ensure that animals care for injured animals and promote animal welfare. In 1988 this box of kittens was placed in the care of RSPCA Norfolk after their abandonment.

Cats rescued by the RSPCA Norfolk

A box full of adorable kittens was rescued by the RSPCA in 1988
– Credit: Archant

Norfolk is home to many different bird species, with a number of migratory birds traveling the area each year.

Swans are a common feature of rivers, lakes, and ponds in the county, and they can often do silly things and need to be rescued.

Swan rescue norfolk

Swan Rescue’s Len Baker saves a handful of baby swans
– Credit: Archant

Here Len Baker of the Swan Rescue Service is pictured with a handful of cygnets he rescued in 1988.

The Norfolk coast is home to one of the largest seal colonies in the country. Unfortunately for seals, they can often get trapped in abandoned nets or be injured at sea.

seal rescue Blakeney 1989 Norfolk

A seal rescued at Blakeney on the north Norfolk coast in 1989
– Credit: Archant

They are incredible creatures who deserve respect.

Over the past year there have been several cases of seals harassed by the public on Norfolk beaches.

Hopton Wildlife Hospital Norfolk Suffolk

A seal that had been rescued in 1995, which was treated at the Hopton Wildlife Hospital
– Credit: Archant

This year several seals have been caught in plastic toys or discarded fishing nets on Norfolk beaches. We need to take care of our animals more than ever and it is sad to see so many people in distress.

Do you remember any great times when wildlife was rescued in Norfolk?

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