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Rescue of local animals in Round Rock, Pflugerville and Hutto in need of foster families, adopters

Founded in Round Rock in 2010 by Lisa Taylor, foster-based Blue Dog Rescue serves central Texas on its mission to find good homes for the dogs in their care.

As the annual ‘puppy season’ fills shelters across the region with animals in need of homes, local rescues need foster homes and volunteers as well as donations to help maintain local dogs, Taylor said.

The national animal welfare organization Best Friends Animal Society shared a study in August detailing a decrease in adoptions. Declining adoption rates combined with staff shortages and reduced operations plague shelters and rescues across the country, the report said.

Blue Dog Rescue has seen an increase in the number of animals needing adoption, but not so much a return of previously adopted animals from its rescue, Taylor said.

“As far as our rate of return goes, it’s still very low, because we’re very thorough, when it comes to people and we really, really see it happening. I think that’s a good thing, ”Taylor said.

Nonetheless, Blue Dog Rescue is looking for additional foster families and adopters to serve more dogs, Taylor said.

“We’re looking for people who can accommodate long term with us,” Taylor said. “Not that they have to [take in] a dog every time a dog is adopted, but someone who can see a dog through their adoption, and if that doesn’t work on that home visit, [they would be ready for] the dog to return home.

Information regarding adoption and placement applications is available on the Blue Dog Rescue website.

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Services offered to Blue Dog Rescue dogs:

While in the care of Blue Dog Rescue, dogs receive necessary medical care, temperament testing, and foster homes until adoption.

Courtesy of Pflugerville Pets Alive

Live Pets of Pflugerville!

Kim Waters founded Pflugerville Pets Alive with a group of local volunteers to serve the area and help support the pets at the Pflugerville Animal Shelter.

While there are several animals that would normally be in high demand, including “cute, scruffy little dogs,” there aren’t enough people ready to adopt them right now, Waters said.

She said this could be due to the recent push to return to the office after the worst of the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as perceived difficulties in accessing veterinary care and people traveling more.

“It takes us longer to get appointments, so it takes longer to get them adopted, which fills the foster homes, and you can’t remove the others from the shelters,” Waters said. “It’s an endless circle at the moment.”

Like other rescues in the area, PPA is looking for additional foster homes and people able to adopt the animals there.

Requirements for fostering include the ability to provide a leash and harness, and Waters said a yard is best but not mandatory. Prospective adopters will also need to complete an application available on the APP website.

Rescue also offers a Spaying and Spaying Assistance Program that helps owners get affordable modification procedures for their pets to avoid unwanted litters or behavior problems. More information is available on the PPA website.

Live Pets of Pflugerville!

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Animals available for adoption via APP:

Pflugerville Pets Alive makes it easy to adopt cats and dogs of varying ages and sizes.

Courtesy of Abby's Boyfriends

Abby’s boyfriends

Branch of Florida dog rescue Abby’s Little Friends, Trina Purcell has worked with the organization since 2016 and founded her sister organization in central Texas three years ago to serve dogs in the area.

Abby’s Little Friends serves the central Texas area including Round Rock, Pflugerville, and Hutto.

The rescue is based on foster families, which means there is no central facility where the animals are kept, Purcell said.

Instead, the animals live in the homes of volunteers who care for, socialize, and train them.

Purcell said foster homes are the greatest need for Abby’s boyfriends, in addition to adopters looking to provide permanent homes for dogs.

“This is where the dogs live while I try to find people to adopt them,” Purcell said. “I can’t tell you how many times people call me and they want to abandon a dog, and I have to say no, because I don’t have a place for that dog to live.”

Right now, many local rescues are in need of more adopters and foster families as the summer months are high yielding seasons for newborn puppies in need of homes. Purcell said Abby’s boyfriends were no exception.

Potential foster families can complete an application available on the rescue website, and they will then be reviewed and considered by the rescue.

Adopters must also complete a pre-adoption application and be the subject of a home visit, among other considerations.

Abby’s boyfriends


Services for dogs in the care of Abby’s Little Friends include:

Medical care, temperament testing, training, foster care and any other needs an animal may have while awaiting adoption.