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Russian army continues to fire on zoos and animal shelters, Ukrainian Foreign Ministry says

As the Russian-Ukrainian war continues for the second week, the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry has claimed that the Russian military continues to bomb zoos and animal shelters in Ukraine. The ministry shared a message on Twitter, saying the Russian military is still bombing zoos and animal shelters and countless animals have been separated from their owners.

Many people are trying to flee Ukraine but some volunteers have chosen to stay in the country and help the animals, which have been abandoned by desperate families fleeing the violence. Animal rescue organizations in and around Ukraine have been inundated with requests to rescue endangered pets whose owners had no choice but to leave the country without them. Meanwhile, the local report suggests bears from the Save Wild bear sanctuary outside Kiev have been taken to Poland, where they will be housed in a zoo for the duration of the conflict, according to BBC.

IFAW helps three animal shelters in Ukraine

The International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) is helping three animal shelters in Ukraine, according to the Shimmer. The organization is now frantically trying to help 1,100 dogs who are trapped in a dangerous combat zone with dwindling food supplies and limited medical care.

Their two main shelters have already been hit by a barrage of missiles, killing a number of dogs and cats. On February 27, a shell hit the Horlivka shelter in Gorlovka, eastern Ukraine, killing a dog. The other main shelter, PIF, in Donetsk, eastern Ukraine, was badly damaged by the Russian army on March 1, killing many dogs and cats.

IFAW Didn’t Expect Russian Invaders to Target Animal Shelters

IFAW did not expect Russian invaders to target animal shelters in Ukraine, describing the incident as surprising. James Sawyer, who is the regional director of IFAW, said they are doing their best to help from outside Ukraine by providing financial support to animal shelters so they can buy food and medical supplies for animals, according to Shimmer. IFAW is working closely with authorities to provide relief packages, but getting information out of the country is proving difficult.

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