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Scentsational Pets, Northfield Lounge Plan Benefit For Local Animal Rescues

After Keeley Kossof gave birth to her son, she lost 90% of her vision.

She has been doing hair and makeup at her father’s salon, the Teddie Kossof Salon Spa in Northfield, for over 10 years. While she had to stop working as a stylist, she found another outlet for her talents.

“We were developing an odor neutralizer for women who don’t wash their hair every day,” said the Vernon Hills resident.

It was then that she realized: this product could be used on pets.

“Beauty and well-being are not just for people,” Kossof said. “This is how my partner and I started Scentsational Pets.”

She was introduced by a mutual to her business partner, animal lover and now good friend, Lori Cooper of Buffalo Grove, and they researched and developed Scentsational Pets, scents safe for pets and their humans.

The products, which come in three scents – citrus, lavender and aloe, and rose water and coconut oil – can be used anywhere, from the body to bed, on any animal.

“We’ve done a ton of research on animals and their sense of smell,” Kossof said. “These are tried and tested, researched scents that are safe and acceptable to animals.”

To be clear, these aren’t scents that just mask odors. In fact, they neutralize odors. And if you’ve ever had a wet dog or cat with intestinal upset (how do you put it politely?) (?), You know how important it is to suffer from it. get rid of. of. this. feel.

Groomers are big fans too.

Jennifer Bishop-Jenkins, International Certified Master Groomer and Certified Canine Esthetician, Owner of Love Fur Dogs in Glencoe and President of the Illinois Professional Pet Groomers Association, is one of the newest fans and retailers of Scentsational Pets. Scentsational Pets is the first product of its kind that she has endorsed and offered in her store.

“This line respects the incredible smell of dogs and really works as intended – as an odor neutralizer,” Bishop-Jenkins said in a press release. “Dog perfumes are unhealthy, and Scentsational Pets is not a perfume. It was created for the animal and then its owner, and it benefits both.”

Scentsational Pets launched in February 2020, and we all know what happened right after that: a pandemic.

So Kossof and Cooper are relaunching now, and they’re doing it in a way that will help other animals.

Scentsational Pup-a-Palooza will take place from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Sunday, July 18 at the Teddie Kossof Salon Spa, 281 Waukegan Road, Northfield, and will benefit Redemption Road Rescue and Reach Rescue.

The event will include booths showcasing local small businesses, food from Vienna Beef, Taco Vita in Deerfield, El Tapatio Cafe (which makes fresh churros!), Dog adoptions.

“We love helping people and we really wanted to do this fundraiser,” Kossof said. “But pet adoptions are really the main thing. We want to help find homes for these little furbabies.”

Entrance is free for fundraising. For more details, visit @TeddieKossof on Facebook or call (847) 999-9500.

For more information on Scentsational Pets, visit, email [email protected], or call (847) 571-8078.