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Separated by fraudulent animal advocates, the Andheri family reunites with their pet dog

Three months after fraud activists cruelly separated them from their pet German Shepherd, the Singh family have been reunited with their beloved Jimmy thanks to Andheri Metropolitan Court.

Dhoom Singh with his family, including Jimmy, outside their Ayurvedic van-shop, in Janupada, Kandivli, on Sunday. Peak/Shirish Vaktania

Forcibly separated three months ago by a trio claiming to be animal rights activists, Andheri’s Singh family has finally reunited with their pet dog, Jimmy. On Saturday, the Andheri Metropolitan Court ordered Jimmy to be handed over to his real owner, Dhoom Singh, an Ayurvedic medicine salesman who lives on a sidewalk. “Not having a roof over his head or enough money didn’t stop Singh from keeping a pet,” the court observed. Jimmy was thrilled to be reunited with his family at the animal hospital on Saturday evening.

Speaking at midday, Singh said: “I’m glad Jimmy is back home, with his family. We missed her so much and my family was depressed after animal advocates took her away from us. Jimmy, too, was depressed after being detained at the Bombay Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals and the Bai Sakarbai Dinshaw Petit Hospital for Animals.

Dhoom Singh with Jimmy at Janupada, Thakur Village, Kandivli East on Sunday. Photos/Anurag Ahire

“We went three months without Jimmy. We had lost all hope of finding her, but noon and the animal lovers who supported us made our reunion possible,” Singh, who sells herbs through his vehicle parked by the roadside. “We don’t earn so much selling herbs on the road, but we care about taking care of the animals. We never hurt them. Since German Shepherds are an expensive breed, Hema Chaudhary and her accomplices snatched Jimmy away from us,” Singh said. MIDC police registered a case against Chaudhary and his two accomplices, but they were never arrested.

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In the order, Additional Chief Metropolitan Magistrate JW Gaikwad said: ‘Alleged defendant Hema Chaudhary was in court on June 7 and made an oral statement that the dog should not be released in favor of Dhoom Singh because he has no roof over his head. and not financially sound enough to feed the dog who also of a breed like German Shepherd… It is not denied that the dog was removed from Singh’s custody under the guise of animal cruelty by Chaudhary and others… however, there is nothing in the record to show that the dog was subjected to cruelty by… Singh. Even otherwise, if the so-called animal lovers find anything that violates the law of the land, they should have followed the procedure established by law… The plaintiff earns his living by selling herbs and it is a nomadic tribe. The mere fact that the applicant is not financially sound enough and has no roof over his head does not prevent him from keeping a domestic dog with him. It is utter nonsense to support a suggestion that only a particular class of people are allowed to tame a particular race. Therefore, in view of the above, the applicant is entitled to release the dog in his favor. »

Jimmy after reuniting with his family
Jimmy after reuniting with his family

As per the order, “Dhoom Singh is permitted to regain custody of his dog…subject to the execution of a bond of R1 lakh. Singh [has] bear the dog’s medical expenses. Singh also pledged to feed the dog properly. “This case shows how difficult it is for a poor, illiterate person to obtain justice when the defendants are influential,” said attorney Reena Rolland.

The Incident

Chaudhary and his accomplices attempted to snatch Jimmy from the Singh family twice on March 8 and March 10, before finally succeeding on March 13. The trio arrived at Singh’s van in Jogeshwari where he was selling herbs and two men forced Jimmy into a vehicle. , while Chaudhary allegedly abused Singh and threatened to burn his medical van after he protested vehemently. As passers-by gathered, the two-year-old dog became restless. Chaudhary calmed the dog and apparently told the crowd they were government officials and one was from an NGO. Chaudhary also claimed they were taking the dog for a medical.

Speaking at midday, Chaudhary said: ‘I don’t want to break any laws. While rescuing Jimmy, I took the help of Animal Welfare Officer Bimlesh Nawani, who told me she had the authority to take the dog into custody. But when the police called us and an FIR was filed against me, I told the cops that I didn’t know Nawani had shared false information with me…I respect the court order. I just want the dog to take refuge and go home, and not stay on the road.

March 13
The day Jimmy was taken away

8 March
The day the trio first tried to take Jimmy