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Several Neglected Animals Receiving Emergency Care At Tacoma Animal Shelter – The Suburban Times

Submitted by Humane Society for Tacoma & Pierce County.

The Humane Society for Tacoma & Pierce County is currently providing emergency medical care to several neglected animals who arrived last week.

On Monday, September 5, a 14-week-old puppy was brought to the shelter almost hairless, with scabs, bumps and pustules covering his body. The shelter’s veterinary team discovered that the dog was suffering from demodectic mange, which requires daily medication and medicated baths to soothe its raw skin.

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On Tuesday September 6, a 6 week old kitten was brought to the shelter after being ejected from a car. The kitten has not suffered any fractures, but is in severe pain and bruising. The shelter’s veterinary team is providing painkillers and the kitten will need supportive care in a foster home to continue to heal.

On Thursday, September 8, a 10-week-old kitten was brought to the shelter after being found abandoned in a dumpster. The kitten arrived with signs of neurological issues with head tilting, general weakness on the left side of her body and difficulty walking. A blood test by the shelter’s veterinary team ruled out any illness, but the kitten will need constant monitoring to see how he is improving on a healthy diet.

These are just a few cases that come through the shelter each week. Therefore, donations are urgently needed to ensure the shelter continues to provide emergency medical care to these neglected animals as well as care for the over 295 animals that were cared for over the week. last. Donations can be made at

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The community can also help by adopting or adopting a pet in need. To help boost adoptions, the shelter is offering 25% off all adoption fees from September 16-18. More information on adoption can be found at: For more information on foster care, go to: