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State Announces Application Period Open for Animal Shelter Grants – WYSH AM 1380

The application period is now open for Tennessee animal shelters to apply for grants to provide low-cost neutering and neutering services.

Tennessee Specialty License Plate Fund Animal Friendly – Sterilization and Sterilization Saves Lives go to Animal Friendly Grants, a program administered by the Animal Health Division of the Tennessee Department of Agriculture (TDA). The application period for the grants is open until May 13, 2022.

“In addition to preventing more litters of unwanted dogs and cats, neutering and neutering your pets can help protect them against certain health issues,” says state veterinarian Dr. Samantha. beaty. “Grants also help Tennessee shelters reduce population and avoid overcrowding.”

Animal-friendly grants are available for government-run shelters or nonprofit organizations in Tennessee that provide low-cost neutering and neutering services. Grants help cover the costs of procedures and are based on the number of animals the organization serves and the number of counties reached. Shelters and organizations that serve economically challenged counties are prioritized, and veterinarians performing the procedures must be licensed in Tennessee.

The application for qualified organizations can be viewed at