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Stop Animal Cruelty — Robert Rieck Jr. | Letters to the Editor

LINCOLN — April is Animal Cruelty Awareness Month. My personal volunteer support for this celebration begins with this letter to the editor seeking to bring Nebraska ranchers and ranchers to their attention.

I would like this letter, or perhaps future communication between me and a farmer or rancher, to help set up a collaboration between the farmer/rancher and the Ranchers Advocacy Program. It is a program that boldly defends the farmer, his families, his land and the planet!

I’d like to believe it’s a perfect connection when it comes to a farmer/rancher who loves his animals but experiences emotional conflict over the loving trusting relationship that grows and is only broken when the animals are given to the slaughterhouse. Farmers/pastoralists who love their land and their families still pass on generations of this emotional conflict.

What if, with assistance and support, a farmer/rancher could create a viable transition plan, business solution as well as creating strategic partnerships by moving away from the practice of raising animals for slaughter and collaborating rather with the growing global and economic trends of a future plant-based economy, would you consider it?

This can be a reality for the farmer/rancher who has a bit of curiosity and a bit of courage to Google Rancher Advocacy Program and click on the Rancher Admission Form. Love all animals, love the earth, love your family!