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The CCAC said that before the deployment two months ago, they were already following the guidelines.

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — Two months after the Safe Outdoor Dogs Act rolled out, Corpus Christi Animal Services said it saw a slight increase. However, due to the strict guidelines they were already following before, there was no dramatic increase in reports.

The law went into effect in Texas in January, prohibiting the use of a chain to restrain dogs outdoors.

“We are very proactive in educating and enforcing the orders already in place,” said Joel Skidmore, program manager at CCAS. “So luckily a lot of people are just the one-on-one conversation where they might not know and the officers have to come out and talk to them.”

The CCAS requires certain things for outdoor dogs:

They cannot be attached to a fixed point.

If attached, it should be to a cart type system where the dog can move freely.

Outdoor dogs must have access to shade and shelter at all times.

“Some people didn’t know it was already the law in Corpus, and then with the state passing the new law, we were more exposed and we were able to reconnect with citizens,” Skidmore said. “And again let them know that this is something Corpus has done before,” Skidmore said.

Although Texas law does not require a warning, his office always educates a dog owner before issuing a citation.

“If we have ongoing violations with that particular citizen, we’ll go out every day and every day you may receive a citation until you comply; eventually you will have to appear before the judge,” Skidmore said.

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