Animal rescues

That Martini You’re Holding Supports Animal Rescues | Way of life

Tito’s Vodka releases the second edition of its Puppy Love calendar in collaboration with local animal shelters.

To bring visibility to dogs in need of homes, the calendar features a different four-legged friend for each month (all are available for adoption). Starting this Valentine’s Day, Puppy Love 2022 is free with the purchase of a Tito’s Handmade Vodka product on the Jetson, Ronpon and Hórreo de V. Suárez platforms.

Additionally, participating shelters will receive a $750 donation from Tito’s Vodka to support their rescue efforts.

“People recognize the value and importance of adopting pets. It is an act of love and a responsibility that we have as citizens. It is an honor to be part of this effort said brand manager Luis Antonio Morales.

A dog lover

Love for dogs is in the alcohol brand’s DNA. Tito Beveridge, the company’s founder and namesake, is a true dog lover whose canine companion, Dojo, accompanied him to work every day and late at night while he developed the smoothest vodka. Today, the company honors Dojo with its Vodka for dog People program that aims to improve the lives of pets around the world.

THE WEEKLY NEWSPAPER spoke with Saraivy Colón Arroyo, treasurer of the Alianza Pro Rescate de Animales, one of the participating shelters this year.

Alianza Pro Rescate de Animales, a no-kill shelter, is celebrating 10 years of animal rescue, but after a decade of operations, even after surviving Hurricane Maria, the shelter is in need of major structural repairs – the land on the property is eroding and many cages need to be replaced.

Their team of four provides accommodation, food, grooming and medical care for 25 to 30 dogs at a time in a space loaned by a supporter of their cause. Many of the dogs they rescue and rehabilitate are sent to other partner no-kill shelters in the states, who find them homes in those communities, although they would be happy to see more dogs adopted locally.

Saraivy explained that the shelter is also looking for adoptive parents located in Puerto Rico for cats and dogs. Fostering increases the number of animals that can be helped almost infinitely. Prospective adoptive parents are responsible for daily chores, such as feeding, walking and playing, with Alianza Pro Rescate providing food, a dog bed and transportation to vet appointments.

Foster parents provide shelter and general care for animals before they find their forever home. Of course, an adoptive parent could decide to adopt the dog or cat they are caring for. The adoption process begins with a home visit and a trial period so that the dog and the human can make sure they are compatible.

Adoption isn’t possible for everyone, but anyone can spread the love by donating to one of the shelters found in the calendar – helping to provide food and care for many abandoned animals.