Animal funds

The city builder where you build on the back of a giant animal has a release date

Zurich-based developer Stray Fawn Studio is creating The Wandering Village, a city-builder in which you traverse a toxic wasteland on the back of a gigantic creature called Onbu. Along with managing your colony on this friendly kaiju dinosaur beast, you have to manage your relationship with Onbu, which can be a peaceful, symbiotic coexistence or something more parasitic and restless. It will enter early access on September 14.

The trailer shows a village of berry pickers and lumberjacks from the start of the Age of Empires game, growing as farms and towers are built, then dealing with a spore infestation as they go with it. flamethrowers. 2D villagers are easy to distinguish from 3D trees and crops, an interesting use of quite different art styles.

Chris played a demo earlier this year, in which he fell in love with Onbu and did everything he could to make the six-legged, Tarascan-like creature happy. “I’m focused on unlocking technology to make Onbu’s life easier,” he wrote, “like a food trebuchet. After building a special kitchen to cook meals from the mushrooms I grow on his back, I have a citizen throwing food out of the village and straight into Onbu’s mouth. This might be the most fun I’ve had feeding a creature in a game, ever?”

Your own colony can develop a more thorny relationship with Onbu, and I mean that literally. As lost fawn (opens in a new tab) describes it, “There is every chance that a woodpecker has grown where the villagers intended to place their kitchen, while a failed harvest may cause despair and prompt the villagers to draw blood from the creature to feed onself.” Onbu also reacts differently to the different biomes you travel through together and can get sick or injured from environmental threats.

Although the atmosphere is different, there’s something a little Frostpunk about the idea of ​​running a colony of people who might be the sole survivors of an apocalypse. Just like in Frostpunk, you can send scouting missions to scavenge for resources, but here they’re balloons launched from Onbu’s back and you probably don’t have to enforce child labor laws to fund them. Not that I would do such a thing, ha ha, not me.

The Wandering Village will be available in early access on Steam (opens in a new tab).