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the director of the Drive accused of animal abuse

Animal rights organization PETA accuses famous director Nicolas Winding Refn of being an accomplice in acts of violence against a pig

The famous animal rights organization PETA (acronym for People for the ethical treatment of animals) brought a very serious charge against the director Nicolas Winding Refn, which the general public knows above all for To drive, his 2011 film starring Ryan Gosling. According to the organization, the author would have become an accomplice of a act of violence towards an animal during the filming of his new television series intended for release on Netflix and for the moment untitled.

According to the press, the animal in question would have been a pig and, following an accident, it would even have lost his life. There is currently no official information regarding the incident and all news reported so far must therefore be taken into account. without confirmation. Of course, we will have to wait for a communication from the local police, who have opened an investigation. The entire series is set in Denmark, the home country of Nicolas Winding Refn.

Under the official note issued by PETA: killing a sane creature and exploiting its death for entertainment is unacceptable and perhaps even illegal. No animal should suffer or be killed for human enjoyment, and like PETA, we ask Netflix to keep outside the editing room all traces of footage that glorifies this pointless and senseless slaughter of a pig..

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