Animal funds

The Fiji Times » Agriculture Department helps farmers properly dispose of animal waste

Dumping of animal waste has a negative impact on the environment, says Agriculture Minister Dr Mahendra Reddy.

Mr Reddy said it was one of the reasons the ministry would help farmers properly dispose of their animal waste.

“With an allocation of $88,000, 22 farmers will receive home biogas digestion equipment worth $8,000,” he said.

“With this help, the pollution problems generated by animal waste encourage the adoption of sustainable practices that respect the environment.

“Pig barns and small dairy farmers can apply for this program.”

He said the funding would also go to farmers engaged in organic farming.

“The ministry has set aside $500,000 under this program for 30 commercial farmers and agro-processors who are already established but intend to expand their business.

“Under this scheme, the ministry is providing 20% ​​equity support on loans through the Fiji Development Bank (FDB).

“Capital is available for skilled farmers and agro-processors ranging from $8,000 to $250,000.”

The Minister of Agriculture added that support would also be given to six farmers in the pig sector.

“With a budget of $32,000, six farmers will be supported with a standard farrowing unit at a cost of $5,500. The farrowing cage support will be used as a form of maternity for the pigs, thereby reducing mortality, maximizing the growth rate of the piglets and keeping the sow (mother pig) ready for the next life cycle.

“Existing pig farming clusters or individual farmers can apply for this initiative.”