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The future of the Fayette County animal shelter remains uncertain

FAYETTEVILLE, WV (LOOTPRESS) – Wednesday morning’s Fayette County Commission meeting saw a litany of agenda items discussed, including the future of the New River Humane Animal Shelter. Society in Fayette County is not the least important.

Last month, the Humane Society received 60 days notice that the organization would need to find a location and parent organization for its operation, which is currently housed within the Fayette County Animal Control Center. .

With a number of weeks remaining in the allotted period, progress towards establishing a new operational site is incremental at best.

Although several variables have been singled out as having influenced the decision to implement the change of venue – funding and overspill of brought animals being perhaps the main ones – the specific reasoning remains more general than not. , depending on who is asked.

With regard to the issue of overcapacity, for which it was suggested that one or more additional shelters would be required in order to effectively mitigate, efforts are being made to expedite the relocation process.

It was claimed at Wednesday’s meeting that officials hope to “put in place a process to expedite the animal shelter’s ability to put these animals up for adoption.”

Over time, however, the speech at the commission session focused more on the potential designation of an additional animal control officer for Fayette County than on efforts to create a new site for the Humane Society.

Fayette County Sheriff Mike Fridley shared the job opportunity via social media, as dwindling control officers have also contributed to ongoing struggles in Fayette County regarding animal adoption and control.

A starting salary of $25,000, plus vacation, insurance and flexible hours were offered to those interested in the position, which “requires someone who is motivated and ready to deal with all types of animal issues in the Fayette County”.

Feelers have also been made public regarding a potential new entity under which the shelter could operate, with the September 29 deadline fast approaching having been released.

Although it is unclear at this time what will happen to the New River Humane Society if the 60-day deadline for evacuation is not met, it has been suggested that an extension could be granted in more than that on which the organization has operated in recent months. .

New River Humane Society executive director Brooke Hucheon has not yet responded to requests for comment.

The next meeting of the Fayette Departmental Commission will be held on Wednesday, October 5, 2022.