Animal programs

The Lakes Animal Friendship Society will be hosting spaying and neutering clinics next week

The Lakes Animal Friendship Society will host a spaying clinic for low-income families in the Lakes District.

The procedure will cost $50 for cats and dogs, with families needing to bring proof of income and address.

According to volunteer Alistair Schroff, one of the society’s mandates is to help people do the procedure for their pets.

He said there were a lot of people looking for help with this service.

“There is a lot of pent up demand for spaying and neutering surgeries largely due to COVID there are a few factors like a lot of people have pets during COVID and then also in vet clinics, their capacity was significantly limited,” Schroff said.

He added that they were working with Vet to Pet in Smithers and priority would be given to female dogs and queens.

Schroff explained why it’s important to neuter and neuter your pets.

“It’s good for your pet, it’s good for your family and it’s good for the community. It’s good for the animal because having puppies and kittens can be dangerous for an animal that gives birth,” he said.

According to Schroff, refraining from neutering or neutering your pet could increase the risk of certain cancers and infections.

The Burns Lake Clinic will be held at the back of the Burns Lake Public Library and doors will open at 8 a.m. from June 23 to June 26.

Those wishing to participate in the clinic are encouraged to come early as places fill up quickly.

As for the Smithers and Houston area, the Northwest Animal Shelter hosts a similar program called SNAP that also provides low-income families with assistance with the procedure.