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The Pullman PD animal cruelty investigation leads to the arrest of two people in their twenties.

PULLMAN- On March 16, 2022, Pullman Police Department code enforcement officers obtained a search warrant, following reports of dead animals and unsanitary conditions at a unit in the community of The Ruckus Dwelling, 1920 NE Terre View Dr, Pullman.

Officers executed the search warrant, where they discovered a number of live animals: two dogs, two cats, two hedgehogs, a turtle, a bearded dragon and a leopard gecko.

The following deceased animals were also located and removed from the apartment: a dog, four sugar gliders, three ferrets, a rat, a mouse, a bearded dragon, a gecko and a ball python.

Live animals recovered from the property were immediately transported to WSU Veterinary Teaching Hospital for evaluation and treatment. Many were found to be dehydrated and in general poor health. Some animals remained at the facility to be stabilized, while others were transferred to the Whitman County Humane Society for individualized care under the direction of veterinary staff.

After more than 300 hours of intense investigation, the charges were forwarded to the Whitman County District Attorney’s Office. Pullman PD recommends multiple felony and misdemeanor animal cruelty charges against 20-year-old Sydney Weston and 21-year-old Carson Hammer.

The Washington State University Veterinary Teaching Hospital and the Washington Animal Disease Diagnostic Laboratory provided essential services throughout this investigation. The live animals remain in the custody of the Pullman Police Department and continue to progress daily, under the expert care of staff at the Whitman County Humane Society and WSU Veterinary University Hospital.

Animals will be available for adoption through the Whitman County Humane Society,
as health permits.

The Pullman Police Department thanks the Whitman County District Attorney’s Office for working closely with the investigator, and The Ruckus management and staff for their cooperation and assistance throughout this investigation.