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The second season of “Magic of Disney’s Animal Kingdom” confirmed at D23 Expo 2022:

fans of the Disney+ National Geographic series that takes a look behind the scenes Walt Disney Worldthe largest theme park and its inhabitants, The Magic of Disney’s Animal Kingdom, will be happy to hear that a second season of the series has finally been confirmed.

What is happening:

  • During a panel at the D23 Expo in Anaheim, CA, it was revealed that there will be a second season of National Geographic’s popular Disney+ show, Magic of Disney’s Animal Kingdom.
  • Several actors of the animal programs of the park, as well as those of the pavilion The Seas With Nemo and Friends in EPCOwere on hand when the news broke.
  • The first season of Disney+ Magic of Disney’s Animal Kingdom, by National Geographic and narrated by award-winning fan-favorite Josh Gad, gives viewers a pass to explore the magic of nature within Disney’s Animal Kingdom theme park, Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge and The seas with Nemo & Friends at EPCOT. Each of the eight episodes dives into detail, unveiling the multiple aspects of animal care, conservation and Disney Imagineering and showcases the parks magnificent range of over 300 species and over 5,000 animals and the Herculean tasks that their experts in animal care undertake to keep things running day and night.
  • Dr. Mark Penning, Disney’s vice president of animals, science and environment, also confirmed the news with the help of stakeholders from the parks and beyond with a video he posted on Instagram.
  • As the news has just been announced, no premiere date has been released yet, but you can still catch the first season of The Magic of Disney’s Animal Kingdom now streaming on Disney+.