Animal funds

Use cow tax to set up shelters in every constituency: Animal loves: The Tribune India

Tribune press service

Amritsar, September 2

Activists from animal welfare organizations staged a protest outside the Municipal Corporation office here on Friday today.

They demanded that the funds raised in the name of the cow cess be used for the establishment of cow shelters in each district. They said the state government collected a huge amount of money from the tax, but did not use it for animal welfare.

Representatives of various organizations were led by the chairman of the Anti-Crime and Animal Welfare Association, Dr Rohan Mehra, who said that due to the outbreak of lumpy skin disease, the number of stray cows on the roads increased as people abandoned their livestock.

At present, there is only one cow shelter in Chheharta area and it is also in a pitiful state. As the number of animals in the shelter is already over its capacity, more cows are not being brought in, Dr Mehra said.

“The state government raised huge funds on behalf of the cow cess. But he did next to nothing for the welfare of stray cows in the city. Previously, we had met with the authorities asking them to open new cow shelters in each district of the city. But when the authorities did nothing, we were forced to raise our voices by organizing a demonstration,” he said.

Later, a meeting of their delegation was arranged with co-curator MC Deepjot Kaur. MC authorities have set September 9 as the next meeting date to discuss the opening of cow shelters in each constituency. Following this, the protest dharna was lifted by the activists.