Animal programs

WATCH NOW: Overcrowded area animal shelters during vacations; means of effort to alleviate the crisis | Lake County News

The Humane Society of Hobart welcomes 2,7000 homeless animals annually with a staff of 15. She said the organization has used foster families, marketing campaigns, fundraisers and more to keep things going during the pandemic, but staff remain depleted and resources are rapidly dwindling.

“In the first few weeks of the closure, we received three pets from animal owners who went to the hospital,” said Webber. “Medical and emergency cases have been mounted, and pets have been left out of moving vehicles and dumped on our property. Many families needed food, supplies and veterinary care.

The Hobart Humane Society is currently awaiting approval from the Lake County Council of Commissioners to conduct a county-wide animal welfare assessment, which will determine needs, calculate the number of animals entering and exiting the system. well-being, analyze the economics of the situation and provide tangible solutions.

“Together, we can end pet homelessness, the suffering of pet families, and create humane communities,” said Webber.

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