Animal associations

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About me:

I co-lead and coordinate an informal community run organization for feeding/neutering, vaccination/rescue and rehabilitation of stray animals (dogs/cats/cattle and birds) in Kolkata since 2010. I currently reside elsewhere and runs a rescue/rehabilitation center with my own findings and those I donated. Currently, I am able to accommodate 15 small animals and I am looking to expand.

Additionally, I am an amateur distance runner and triathlete training for the Goa Ironman, an accomplished service sailor, and a regular participant in intra-service sailing championships (laser class and company).


Undergraduate school: Indian Tier 1 University

Undergraduate major: Mechanical Engineering

GPA: 8/10

GMAT: 730

Age: 30,
Ethnicity: Asian or Indian

Other degree/certification: M.Tech in Aeronautical Engineering

Name of the school: Cochin University


Animal rescue. I ran a community organization from 2010 in Kolkata, West Bengal for feeding campaigns, sterilization and vaccination, rescue, rehabilitation and repatriation of stray dogs and cats proliferating in the streets and face extremely worse living conditions. Attempt to diversify into abandoned livestock by seeking government funding.

Work history:

Title: Aircraft Maintenance/Repair and R&D

Industry: Government / Military

Company: Marine

Duration of employment: 7 years, 9 months

Big Life wins:

Aged 25 and fairly junior to the staff usually occupying the position, he was given responsibility for the operations and support of an entire fleet of fighter jets (15 to 20) during a presidential review of the fleet at sea. Initially doubted by critics outside my unit, ensured exemplary aircraft availability and mission readiness, and was praised by the highest echelons for the same.