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West Seattle Blog… | @ WEST SEATTLE SUMMER FEST: Meet the Beloved Animal Rescue Foundation

In addition to companies and artists, kiosks at West Seattle Summer Festival Include local nonprofits to meet with you and explain what they do.

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Among them this year, a new local association, Relief Foundation for the Rescue of Beloved Animals. In an email exchange, the founder Rachel Morris told us what Beloveds is:

Beloveds Animal Rescue Relief Foundation is a West Seattle-based nonprofit organization that collects donated pet supplies and distributes them to local nonprofit pet organizations based on need and specialty of service. . Our motto is “There is always something we can do to help.” We officially became a company in February of this year, but I’ve done something similar, periodically through COVID as a donation campaign, then donated it to rescues I knew. I realized that the need was greater than expected and I decided to make it a non-profit association at the beginning of the year.

We’ve already given away at least $150,000 worth of items this year, all donated by the community, businesses and distributors. We literally take anything cat or dog related, including open food bags and some broken items (cat trees, wheelchairs), because we also have a recycling component in what we do. Rescues get creative when they come up with cheap solutions to problems, so while I don’t take rusty metal cages, I can take cat trees because the components can be used in catios. Wheelchairs can be taken apart and built to order thanks to a truly amazing resource, stuff like this.

The goal is to have separate chapters in other states within 5 years, either as an extension of what we are doing or we (I) teach them to build a version in their state. So kind of like a non-profit franchise with the sole intention of supporting local non-profit pet organizations so they can focus on animal care/adoption and spend their money on medical care, transportation and other needs, not food, beds, medicine, etc.

At this time we are waiting for our 501c3 application and hope to have it done by late fall, but this process takes 4 months to a year, so we are working to collect sponsorships and donations to pay our start-up costs through the public. We have set up a raffle to help raise the donated funds, which is in effect throughout the month of July.

We have several items available including light up shadow boxes, gift baskets with items donated by Dog Baby Collection (BIPOC, a women-owned WS-based online retailer) and other local service providers. We’re at the West Seattle Summer Fest, sharing a booth with Dog Baby. And we just landed a deal with Junction 47, to install a donation box in the building for Beloveds! This is part of our apartment building donation collection pilot program, as most buildings are pet-friendly, but residents of these buildings may not have storage for their unused pet supplies, cars to drive them to a donation location, etc. come to these pet owners and collect donations!

Our claim to fame will be our online inventory available to nonprofits. This inventory will be the live inventory representing all of our storage locations and will allow pet nonprofit organizations to review, book, and schedule the pickup or delivery of donations. They can also submit special requests for things that we will buy ourselves through Beloveds or try to source through the community. This inventory system will allow us to have predictive reporting, ensure that our donations are distributed fairly among organizations, and ensure that we can do our best to get needed supplies to the groups that need them the most.

Morris applies his skills as a business analyst specializing in IT to work on this aspect. You can learn more about Beloveds and enter their raffle – as well as meet the Dog Baby team – on the east side of the South Block of Summer Fest, between Alaska and Edmunds. If you don’t meet them at the festival, here’s how to contact Beloveds.