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Which Animal Crossing character are you based on your zodiac?

Zodiac signs are a creative way to determine someone’s personality based on their birthday. Zodiac signs can even help people identify parts of themselves that they have overlooked. There are even daily horoscopes to guide people in their daily lives. Some people may wonder how the stars influence a person’s personality, but it’s all about fun and entertainment.

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Animal Crossing: New Horizons is filled with villagers with different personalities. These range from normal to grumpy to lazy and pretentious, each informing the character’s actions and dialogue. There are several characters that exemplify the traits of the zodiac signs. These adorable characters all have their own canonical birthdays, which may or may not match the zodiac sign they best represent.

12 Leos are talkative like Isabelle

Leos usually have a favorite topic to talk about, and it’s most likely themselves. Some might even consider that Leos talk just to hear their roar. They are lions after all, and everyone should know that.

Leos and Isabelle share this talkative trait. Isabelle is the friendly dog ​​who joins the Resident Services staff as a public service announcer. She often follows announcements on the island with details about her crossword puzzle, chatting with her family, or a TV show she is watching.

11 Cancers scared like a wisp

Cancers are considered the easiest to surprise and scare. They jump at the slightest frightening noise and react as if their soul has left their body. Cancers are represented as crabs in the zodiac, which makes sense given that crabs run and hide in the sight of alien danger.

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Twig is like a Cancer in the way that they are both easily scared. When players first see Wisp, they may be shocked to see a ghost on their island. However, it is Wisp who jumps in fear when players approach him, causing pieces of his mind to scatter in all directions.

ten Gemini are gamers like Daisy Mae

Geminis are the type of people who will persuade their friends to do anything. They are the playful sign of the zodiac and love risky activities. A Gemini’s impulsiveness makes them love a good bet, especially if the reward outweighs the risk.

Geminis would probably enjoy the thrill of the stem market, as would Daisy Mae. Daisy Mae is the boar who visits a player’s island every week on Sundays to sell turnips. She encourages the player to buy turnip stalks and try to get rich. Players stand to lose Bells if their investment is not lucrative, but they can also reap a lot of Bells if the price is right.

9 Bulls are sleepy like Gulliver

If Taurus had to rank their favorite hobbies, sleep would be number one. Taurus tend to prioritize sleep above all else and have been known to fall asleep anytime and anywhere. They can be so sound asleep that they miss their alarms and sleep through storms.

Bulls and Gulliver are both hard to wake up. Gulliver is a seagull that washes up on the shore of a player’s island approximately every two weeks. Players must wake Gulliver from his unconscious state by repeatedly trying to talk to him. A yawning Gulliver will finally wake up and say he’s fallen overboard again.

8 Aries are travelers like Saharah

Aries craves to travel to faraway places. There’s usually no point in stopping by them unannounced, because they’re probably not there. Aries tend to believe that home is not a place, but a feeling. They are generous enough to bring home souvenirs from their exotic destinations.

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Aries and Saharah share this personality trait of wanderlust. Saharah is a camel who travels far and wide to help players decorate their homes with her unique imports. Saharah visits a player’s island once a week with mysterious wallpapers, mysterious floors, and rugs of various sizes.

seven Pisces are shy like Sable

Pisces is known to be the shyest sign of the zodiac. They tend to protect their feelings and not open up to just anyone. Pisces like to take their time preparing for someone new.

Pisces and Sable both have shy personalities. Sable is the hedgehog seamstress at the Able Sisters sewing shop. When the players first introduce themselves to Sable, she diligently sews around the back of the store and avoids conversation. If players are consistent enough to salute Sable, she ends up saying more about herself.

6 Aquarians are astronomers like Celeste

Aquarians are known to have interesting hobbies. They love quirky collectibles and enjoy sharing craft ideas. Aquarians also know the signs of the zodiac. They can intuitively talk about a zodiac sign without wasting time.

Aquarius and Celeste share this unique knowledge of the zodiac. Celeste is the owl that visits a player’s island during a meteor shower. Celeste gives a player DIY recipes to craft a Zodiac item or space-themed furniture out of Star Fragments. Celeste will even explain the zodiac mythology to a player if they show her a zodiac item.

5 Capricorns Are Knowledgeable Like Blathers

Capricorns are the most famous sign of the zodiac. They are full of enthusiasm for any topic they are sure to discuss. Capricorns usually have a fun fact ready to share with their friends.

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Capricorns could benefit from opening their own museum, just like Blathers. When a player donates to the museum, Blathers can identify fossils, authenticate art, and even provide useful information about insects and aquatic creatures. There’s not a lot Blathers doesn’t know, except maybe the difference between day and night.

4 Sagittarians are on the go like Wilbur

Sagittarius is the most independent of the zodiac signs. They are believed to be the type to catch flights, not feelings. Sagittarius doesn’t like to be tied down to one place and would rather take risks than stick to a routine. Adventure is out there, and Sagittarius will seek it out.

Sagittarius and Wilbur share these adventurous habits. Wilbur is Dodo Airlines’ dodo pilot and takes players on his plane to visit other islands. Wilbur takes piloting very seriously, constantly using the NATO alphabet in his speech. The island’s airport never closes, so Wilbur is always ready for the player’s next island hop.

3 Scorpios are Harvey

Scorpios are known to be afraid of missing out on fun. Although they prefer their own company, Scorpios appreciate the occasional outing. They usually can’t decide if they want to live in the middle of nowhere or in the center of everything.

Scorpios would probably like to live like Harvey. When the players meet Harvey on their island, he is impressed by the tremendous growth. Harvey invites the player to his remote island where he lives alone and operates a photo studio. Harvey eventually develops the island with the player’s help, filling it with vendors and giving the island much-needed traffic.

2 Libras welcome like Brewster

Libras are the most comfortable and welcoming zodiac sign. They don’t really have to try hard to be liked. Libras like to host and keep their guests happy. They are like coffee, a delight to see in the morning.

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Libras most resemble Brewster, the barista pigeon. The Roost is a cozy cafe where players can sit and enjoy a great cup of coffee brewed by Brewster. It even has a rewards program for player referral, with giveaways like a recipe, a bag of coffee beans, and even a Brewster gyroid. Brewster is definitely the character to visit daily.

1 Blanks are detailed as a label

Virgos appreciate the finer things in life. Virgos also have a keen eye for detail and never have a hair out of place. They don’t miss the chance to compliment a great outfit, but they won’t shy away from criticism either.

Virgos look a lot like fashion designer Label, the oldest of the Able sisters. When a player encounters Label, she asks the player to model a themed outfit for her. If the player can satisfy Label’s preference for an outfit, she rewards them with an exclusive item from her fashion line. If the outfit modeled isn’t up to Label’s standards, she’ll mention that she learned something new about fashion and give away a single tailor’s ticket.

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