Animal funds

Wilcher wants ARP funds to benefit Animal Control

The County Health and Welfare Committee is trying to make sure they don’t miss another opportunity to improve the Warren County Animal Adoption and Control Center.

Commissioner Blaine Wilcher told committee members that he was trying to figure out how to use some of the ARP money to benefit animal control.

“What I brought up last night was that I asked the question of whether we could use some of that money for an expansion, buy something else, whatever, and we can, but it has to be something that we’ve already planned. You can’t spend the relief money on something that you just created,” Wilcher said. “In other words, you can spend it to buy an ambulance because you buy them very often. I brought up the fact that we already had two expansions that we had already planned for some reason that we couldn’t do.

“It’s not like we haven’t asked in two years,” said Sheri Bradley, director of the Warren County Animal Control and Adoption Center.

Wilcher said finance department director Justin Cotten seemed to agree that maybe they could do something with the money. He also said that many committee members think it is possible to get a new building in the future, but it might take a few years later. He says they don’t have to wait years to do something and they have the opportunity to make some changes now to improve conditions.

Wilcher encouraged Bradley to talk to Cotten about potential money for the shelter and said he would continue to bring up Animal Control during ARP discussions.

Wilcher said: “Unfortunately the animals are forgotten. It’s like that. It’s a real problem and a lot of people don’t see it because they don’t want to mess with it and that’s the main thing. I told them I would bring it back because hopefully we could get some help with this.