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Winona Farm Receives Competitive National Grant from Food Animal Concerns Trust | Local News

A Winona farm has received a competitive national grant.

Food Animal Concerns Trust (FACT), a national non-profit organization that ensures that all food-producing animals are raised in a humane and healthy manner, recently awarded a Fund-a-Farmer grant to Southern Sunny Acres.

The farm, owned by Ty and Tokie Morgan, is a veteran-owned family operation that raises pastured poultry from day one with non-GMO and soy-free feed.

The FACT grant is designed to expand humane agriculture and increase pasture-based animal production. Southern Sunny Acres will use its prize to double access to pasture for its broiler chickens by purchasing a mobile chicken coop.

“We are thrilled to partner with Southern Sunny Acres to improve animal welfare this year,” said Larissa McKenna, FACT Humane Agriculture Program Manager. “We believe that partnering with – and investing in – humane farmers is one of the best ways to make a difference in the lives of food-producing animals.”

This year, FACT awarded 60 grants totaling more than $170,000 to farmers and ranchers in 27 states. Since 2012, FACT has cumulatively awarded 521 grants totaling more than $857,000 to farmers in 44 states, directly benefiting approximately 735,000 animals.

A recent 2022 survey of former grant recipients found that the grants produced a wide range of long-term benefits. Overall, 98% of farmers said their FACT-funded projects had improved animal welfare, 95% had had a positive environmental impact, and 88% found that the grant had improved the financial viability of their farm. operation. Individual farmers report that their FACT-funded projects have increased biodiversity, improved soil fertility, improved livestock health and comfort, and reduced stress for both farmer and animals.

With this grant to Southern Sunny Acres, residents of Tyler and surrounding communities will have better access to healthy, humane food options for their families.

Southern Sunny Acres was one of only two farms in Texas to be selected for a Fund-a-Farmer grant, according to the FACT website.

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