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Wisconsin rescues animals with volunteer shortage

VERONA, Wisconsin – As the volunteer shortage continues, organizations like Animal Rescues are doing more with less help.

Employers struggle to find the right staff, so groups that rely on volunteers may have even more difficulty.

At Angel’s Wish in Verona, there was a line of people waiting to see their rescued cats when they opened at 10 a.m. on a Saturday morning. However, there were fewer volunteers to help with the coordination.

Erika Pospichal has volunteered with Angel’s Wish for over two years.

“In my family, I am definitely known as the mad cat. I only have one cat, I promise, “she said with a laugh.” He’s great. He is incredible. So I get my kitten back here, and I go home and snuggle up to my old cat.

It’s a very busy time for shelters and rescues. Now that it is cold, stray animals that may have been cared for by neighbors now need indoor homes. Plus, summer kittens are old enough to be adopted.

“We have a lot of cats that are born during the summer. Then these cats, they can’t be adopted until they’re a certain age, you know, two or three months, ”Pospichal said. “So this is the time when they are old enough to be adopted.”

When the pandemic began, the emergency building closed to the public. They did everything remotely. Cats already live in foster care full time, except on weekends. Angel’s Wish just reopened in August, but they’re far from normal.

“It was a bit difficult to have volunteers here. Typically, before the pandemic, we were open on Saturdays and Sundays for adoptions, ”she said. “Right now we’re only open on Saturdays, just because it’s quite difficult to bring in volunteers to fill all the shifts we need.”

This means that the volunteers are running around doing double and triple duty, trying to deal with the sweet balls of fluff in their charge.

“You are so adorable,” cooed Pospichal to two kittens. “I don’t know why you are here week after week. Someone needs to take you home.

Staff at Angel’s Wish have said they would accept any help they can get, and that includes people who can only volunteer for an hour or two every weekend. This includes high school students who may need volunteer hours.

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