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YouTube Fake Animal Rescues: ‘Disturbing Trend’ Scripted Videos Now Banned

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Animal rescue may be a heartwarming story for some people, but behind these videos is propaganda. Apparently, video viewing and sharing platform YouTube has banned staged animal rescue videos and described them as a “worrying trend” in the community.

The growing popularity of scripted videos has already reached many people, where some believe that what they are seeing on YouTube is very real.

YouTube bans fake animal rescue videos

YouTube Fake Animal Rescues: The

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In an interview with The temperature On Thursday, March 25, the popular social media company said numerous animal rescue videos were a “disturbing trend” created by desperate filmmakers. These videos were considered scripted especially in the case of putting an animal in danger to gain more profit and views from some users.

Business Intern also reported that only the filmmakers benefited in this respect as they liked to trick the audience into telling them that what they see are the harsh realities that happened to the animals.

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Exceptions from eating live animals

According to YouTube’s global head of trust and safety, Colin Goulding, the company will also focus on banning the eating of live animals in videos. However, these live invertebrates will be allowed to be displayed, but not the case of eating a live vertebrate.

In his oral statement with The temperature, Goulding said the case of Koreans eating a live octopus is allowed by YouTube because it is part of their tradition. However, in the case of eating a live mouse, the platform will not allow such an instance.

YouTube in spotting fake animal rescue videos

YouTube Fake Animal Rescues: The

(Photo: YouTube Screenshot/Nick Crowley)

While it’s now clear that YouTube will ban staged animal rescue videos, it’s not yet clear how it will filter out actual animal rescues from fake streams. This could lead the platform to investigate even deeper by examining images that will be used as evidence of animal abuse.

Earning views on YouTube translates to profits, which is why content creators like to produce high-quality videos that audiences will enjoy. Given the nature of videos involving animals, channels will surely reap a lot of revenue by tricking their viewers.

YouTube could have done this much sooner since some channels only change names after being deleted. However, that’s not enough to stop them in their tracks, as the filming of fake animal videos will persist.

As a viewer, you can help save these innocent animals from exploitation by reporting any suspicious posts. You can also avoid watching them.

In the future, other platforms like Facebook and Twitter may acquire similar stock. As animal breeds continue to decline, real organizations that want to preserve them should also help stop fake and undedicated content creators.

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